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Alright he blog is up and running, there we will be posting the actual meat of the FSG there. So make sure to check it out!
And we'll be posting updates here as well so make sure to check up here ofen, alright people, time to roll the dice...!
Alright, I dont know how many people are actually going to read this, since we created this for advertisement a while back, but I personally, will try to keep things updated on here fo the,actual website. Anywho We'll try to post regular updates on all things FSG and Zeromomentai related. Make sure to check out the Blogspot for mofe info, and regular up too,date,info. Since deviantart has changed,its layout for submitting art, posting msy take some time as the new setup wont allow submissions on a mobile device. but dont let that discourage you folks! You guys just make sure to to check out and wait for the debut of FSG!
Time to roll the dice.